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About us

We love bicycles very much. Join us and get a lot of pleasure and positive.

About us

We love bicycles very much.
Join us and get a lot of pleasure and positive.

We like to ride bikes and we want that many people shared with us our hobby. That’s why we opened bicycle rental, repair service and bicycle shop.

Many cities of Europe have bicycle hire for a long time and we thought, why are we worse? And we decided that bicycle hire is simply necessary for Saint-Petersburg.

Bicycle hire is an excellent alternative of purchasing own bicycle. You don’t need to think about place of storage and its maintenance. All of us know that, than you buy bicycle you hope to ride every evening, but it only hopes. And it becomes dusty on a balcony. That’s why hire is a good choice for people, who several times during the summer wants to ride a bike.

Our points of hire are situated at the center of the city and it is a good occasion once again to admire the beauty of the city, becouse we do it very seldom in daily vanity.

Guests of our city also will be able to estimate advantages of hire of bicycles. It is more convenient to move on the center of our city by bicycles. This option saves time and allows to see much more interesting places. There is no need to go down and rise in the subway or to get stuck in a traffic jam in the stuffy bus.

We will provide all necessary for a trip. Free of charge forward lamps, locks and helmets are applied to our bicycles. For wishing to drive with children we provide children's chairs absolutely free.

But we decided not to stop on the reached. We thought, bicycle hire it is good. But many people have their own bicycles and someone should repair them. Then we decided to open bicycle repair service.

Our employees will quickly and qualitatively make repair of any complexity of your bicycle. We have friendly mechanics. They are always ready to answer all questions interesting you of the bicycle.

Our couriers deliver the order short time for Saint- Petersburg. We quicker and more eco-friendly than car.

We also have bicycle parts shop.