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Bicycle repair service

Damage or preparation of the bicycle for a new season? We will always help you.

Bike repair service

Damage or preparation of the bicycle for a new season? Our bicycle repair service always will help.

Our bicycle hire can't do without repair service becouse bicycles like cars have property to break.

Now we are glad to offer you our bicycle service. Our service carries out repair and maintenance of bicycles of the Russian and foreign brands. We use exclusively high-quality spare parts, accessories and expendables. Having entrusted us bicycle service, you prolong its service life and you will relieve yourself of unnecessary efforts.

Our advantages:

To see more details, full list of works and the prices it is possible in the Price section.

Now in our cycle service the following actions work:

Basic maintenance

Cost is 1500 RUB

Complex maintenance

Cost is 2500 RUB.

Terms and conditions of bicycle repairing

- the cost of repairing a bicycle not include the cost of spare parts.

- provides guarantees for all types of work for 1 month.

- urgent work paid at double rate.

- bicycles are accepted for repair in its purest form . If the bike is dirty , will have to pay 300 rubles for technical cleaning.

- the term free bicycle storage renovated - 7 days from the date of notification of the Customer about the repair work is completed.

- bike shop is not responsible for the safety and integrity of the accessories wich was left on repaired sbicycles.

- delivery is carried out with minimal order for repairing 1500 rubles.

- delivery of bicycle is carried out to the address specified by the customer. If it is difficult, than in nearest possible parking place.