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Bicycle and health

Cycling allows to study world around in parallel with training of an organism.

Bicycle and health

Cycling allows to study world around in parallel with training of an organism.

ИллюстрацияRiding on bicycle, the person trains practically all systems of the organism: blood, respiratory, the psychological state improves, endurance increases. Cycling allows to derive improbable pleasure in parallel with training of an organism, to study world around, to look at it in a different way.

Strengthens muscles

Riding on bicycle, tones up muscles of a body and increases your energy. People have some hundred muscles which have to be used regularly to keep working capacity and health.

Helps to grow thin

For an hour in a saddle it is possible to lose to 500 kcal depending on intensity of driving. Those who regularly ride a bike, can not reflect on diets.

Removes stress

Driving by bicycle — the best way to distract from unpleasant thoughts. Cyclic sports — run, walking, rowing and cycling — just it also are good. Monotonous movements, measured breath — all this automatically orders thoughts and feelings.

Trains heart

Heart is one of the most important bodies in an organism, but it can be damaged from inaction. And the bicycle is also known as exercise on cardiovascular system, and it is big advantage for heart. Cycling improves blood circulation in an organism, preventing thereby «contamination»of arteries.

Ventilates lungs

During long, at least within an hour, bicycle walks lungs of the person work at full capacity. Blood is enriched with oxygen which feeds a brain and other vitals that well affects working capacity and memory.

Strengthens immune system

The immune system serves for protection of an organism against infections and various diseases. The average level of activity to which the driving by bicycle belongs, strengthens immune system and by that promotes a healthy lifestyle.

The bicycle warns varicosity

To the people having genetic predisposition to varicose expansion of veins, it is very useful to twist pedals. At the time of commission of rotary motions by feet blood starts circulating with a trebled speed on blood vessels, anywhere without standing. Completely there is no shock loading, and it is useful for joints. Also feet are bent and unbent all the time because of what round veins pressure constantly changes, and the blood-groove is accelerated several times.

The bicycle improves sight

Eyes of the cyclist, in fact, carry out function of a radar: wherever the route, on forest tracks or sidewalks lay, it is necessary to watch the road. The look will be focused that on the obstacle which is directly before a nose, in an obstacle to which else to go and go. Such training of eye muscles reduces risk of emergence of short-sightedness and aggravates sight.

All this advantage for health from a driving by bicycle. You need to put on only sports shoes and convenient clothes, and to get on the bicycle. Bicycle walks is an excellent exercise.