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City bike

The bicycle for the city has to be convenient and unpretentious in service.

City bike

The bicycle for the city has to be convenient and unpretentious in service.

ИллюстрацияCity bicycle doesn’t have a lot of functions as a mountain bicycle, for example, it is usually has only one speed, and doesn’t have shock-absorbers. But such bicycle is completely equipped for a daily city driving and you spend less time for preparation service, and feel in a saddle more comfortably.

To decide on a choice of citybike, it is necessary to pay attention to the main characteristics such as frame type, a saddle, bicycle weight, luggage carrier and basket existence, and also to understand for what purposes you will use it and how many you are ready to pay for it.

There are a huge choice of city bicycles in all price categories, it is necessary to choose only that most of all to you suits.

Main characteristics of city bicycles

The frame of the city bicycle can meet two types: the classical and slanted female. Bicycle weight can reach 17 kg because the material of frame is steel.

Wheels at city bicycles are big size with wide tires. Diameter can be 26 ″ or 28 ″. The second option is good if it is necessary to overcome borders and ladders. The bicycle with wheels 26 ″ is more operated, but uncomfortablly goes on the road with small roughnesses.

On a number of models braking happens when scrolling pedals back. Some producers supply city bicycles with emergency brakes.

Protection of a chain is intended for protection of open mechanisms and also not to dirty trousers during a driving. Existence of fixed wings also will save from clothes pollution in rainy days.

The minimum quantity of speeds simplifies driving of bicycle, and also facilitates its maintenance. The basket and luggage carrier allow not to reflect on, where to put personal belongings.

Existence of a sound signal is necessary in the city, especially, if you go on sidewalks to warn pedestrians about your approach. The forward lamp is irreplaceable at night, and also is well noticeable in the afternoon.

It is better to have front depreciation. The bicycle with such depreciation is called «a rigid tail». Without it the bicycle is suitable only for a driving on asphalt.

Couple of main requirements is imposed to a saddle of the city bicycle. It has to be convenient and not break blood circulation. That is there has to be an opportunity to regulate it on height, longitudinal shift and a tilt angle.

Prices of city bicycles

It is possible to buy the bicycle for 3000 RUB, and it is possible for 33000 RUB. Someone will tell that it is nonsense to buy to itself such expensive bicycle. We for an optimum ratio the price - quality. If you plan to use city bicycle very often and you don't want that it collapsed for the second day, we advise to choose bicycles from 12000 RUB. In such bicycles there is all necessary, very reliable, unlike cheap analogs. Upper bound of the price is completely your preferences and inquiries. We give an approximate order of the prices of city bicycles of different producers below.

4500 RUB. These are the cheapest city bicycles with one speed, usually it is the Russian firm Stels and Forward. These bicycles will work one season quite well.

8000 — 12 000 RUB. It is possible to refer firm Merida, KHS, Rock Machine, Stels bicycles to this price category. If to ride them not very often, for example in the evenings to arrange walk on a couple of hours, or on days off to leave on the nature, they will serve long enough.

12 000 — 17 000 RUB. Very worthy bicycles for the real price. It is possible to ride such iron horses daily and many hours. They won't breake on the way and will serve long. If you after all are going to buy city bicycle from this category, don't take expensive brand. You shouldn't overpay for a brand, it is better to buy brand cheaper, but with better details. For example: Author, Univega, Stark, KHS, Merida, Giant, Shwinn.

17 000 — 30 000 RUB. Certainly, the most expensive city bicycles — it is the best and reliable. On such devices it is possible to drive day and night. Have hi-tech details, practically don't demand service. From this price category it is possible to carry to firms: Orbea, Gary Fischer, Rock Machine, Univega, Giant, Schwinn.